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All orders are delivered through a download link which is display on the screen and we provide the same link user's email. Orders are delivered within 10-15 minutes or as per the delivery time agreed at the time of order confirmation and delivering.. 99datacd.com is not liable for any delay in delivery for ISP/internet/computer system of end-user. we are not responsible for any third party matters/issues and we will not talk any complaint after 24 hours from the date of the order and payment or as per the delivery date agreed at the time of order confirmation. Delivery of all orders will be made to the registered email address of the buyer which is provided by the user/buyer at the time of purchase. 99datacd.com is in no way responsible for any missed / wrong information provided by the user/buyer to us while purchasing. Payments 99datacd.com is proud to use Payment Gateway Name for fast, easy, and efficient secure payments. All major credit cards are accepted.